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Consultation, Solution Design and Implementation

Ask us about:

  • Network and server security assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • PCI compliance and full auditing
  • SOX compliance
  • Secure co-location and offsite data retention
  • Custom Linux distributions
  • Linux and Unix services
  • Certified professionals in RedHat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris
  • Systems Administration, engineering and architecture
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

Linux and Unix Systems Administration and Engineering

We offer full assessment, solution design, and implementation services to create custom business networks and systems with enterprise security. Our highly experienced sysadmins and security experts are here to help you design and build the solution you need to build and protect your business.

About Us

We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our strong mission and clear vision. If you're looking to secure your business, call us today for a comprehensive solution package based on your budget and requirements.  Our team holds over a dozen of the industries most advanced certifications.   We are internet security enthusiasts at heart and truly love what we do.  We have professional level working knowledge of the same tools and techniques hackers and thieves use in the wild, and with this insight we are able to see your networks as hackers see them, show you any vulnerabilities, explain and demonstrate how hackers can use these vulnerabilities to exploit the data of you and your customers, and create and implement a custom plan to remediate and eliminate any potential threats, leaving your business safe and secure and stopping hackers at the gate.


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Enterprise Security & SysAdmin Solutions & PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Have an upcoming or ongoing PCI compliance audit?  BHL is your guaranteed compliance solution.  We have done PCI compliance, auditing, remediation, testing and certification for customers of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to SMB.  BHL WILL GUARANTEE YOU WILL PASS YOUR PCI COMPLIANCE AUDIT.

Free Consultation

Please contact us for free on-site consultation services, and ask us about our FREE VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENTS

Linux and Unix Systems Administration and Engineering

Our Enterprise-Class professional sysadmins hold certifications in RedHat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris.  We specialize in virtualization, cloud solutions, and security.